On 27 September 2022, the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers hosted an international panel of experts from Argentina, India and more entitled How to be an Impact Lawyer – Stories from Around the World, moderated by Louise Harman (Bates Wells).

Pioneers Post has published an article, authored by Louise Harman, summarising some of the key takeaways from the panel, including some common misconceptions – plus the opportunities – in the rapidly growing field of impact law.

“Being an impact lawyer is not a technical matter of practice, it’s about what is in your heart. For me, being an impact lawyer is a personal commitment to use your skills to make a positive difference”

– Allen Bromberger, Bromberger Law, USA

Being an impact lawyer is providing tools to companies to help them transit to the new economy… we have to innovate in legal design in order to create companies that lead to a more humane society.”

– Ivana Calcagno, You Hub, Uruguay

“Pakistan is at the centre of a huge climate calamity… the moment is right to push for sustainable business models [and] this is where an impact lawyer can play his or her role”

– Ammara Farooq Malik, AFMalik Law, Pakistan

Watch the full panel here