What is an impact lawyer? What does it mean to practice impact law? A global panel of legal leaders from GAIL’s membership explores the stories of lawyers using their legal practices for impact, different methods for engaging in impact law, and how each sees their role as lawyers contributing to wider systems change and the just transition.

The panel discusses:

  • What is impact law and what does a legal career in impact law look like?
  • How do you balance impact and income generation as a part of legal practice?
  • How can you establish your own impact law practice?
  • Can a law firm be a B Corp?
  • How are social enterprises developing across jurisdictions?
  • How are lawyers engaging with ESG in Latin America?
  • How has legislation and the B Corp movement developed in Argentina and Uruguay?
  • Why is India potentially one of the leading jurisdictions in which to be an impact lawyer?
  • What do the devastating floods in Pakistan have to do with lawyers?
  • What separates us across legal jurisdictions, and what unites us?

Watch a recording of this event here:


  • Louise Harman, Partner, Bates Wells (UK) (Moderator)
  • Allen Bromberger, Founding Partner, Bromberger Law PLLC, Chair of GAIL North America (USA)
  • Ammara Farooq Malik, Founding Principal Attorney, AFMalik Law- Attorneys & International Development Consultants (Pakistan)
  • Constanza Connolly, Co-Founder of Keidos Legal Impact and Vice-President of GAIL (Argentina)
  • Ivana Calcagno, Founder, YOUHUB (Uruguay)
  • Michael Ryland, Director, Centre for Social Finance Law, Australia and Secretary of GAIL (Australia)
  • Samheeta Rao, Partner, GameChanger Law (India)

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