EXTERNAL EVENT with GAIL UK Board Member David Hunter

Webinar and discussion to explore what the draft guidance on “serviced emissions” means for the legal profession, hosted by the LSA and Legal Charter 1.5.

Panel speakers include members of the UN Race to Zero Climate Champions David Hunter (Senior Counsel Bates Wells, and member of the Race to Zero working group) and Rob Clarke (lawyer Client Earth and member of The Law Society Climate Working Group), with more speakers to follow.

The UN Race to Zero acknowledges the significant contributions professional services providers (PSP) such as legal entities, consultancies, and communication agencies have the potential to make to the global net zero transition. While these entities inherently have low operational emissions, their potential influence on emissions reduction through their advisory work is considerable.

A new Net Zero for Professional Service Providers Working Group has been established to look at how “serviced emissions” – that is, emissions relating to the matters on which PSPs advise – may be defined, monitored and reduced in line with the Paris Agreement aspirations.

An initial draft guidance document has been produced by the Working Group for consultation. The draft guidance and the form for consultation responses can be found here.

You may have had limited direct engagement with the advised/serviced emissions concept to date, but the principles in the guidance are high level at this stage and readily comprehensible.

This webinar will include an introduction to the Race to Zero Consultation, a panel discussion, breakout groups to consider and discuss the principles and an opportunity to ask questions of those already working on Advised Emissions in the legal sector. 

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