Redefining what successful impact investments should look like

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On 24 November, GAIL Members the Legal Innovation for Sustainable Investments Foundation (LISI for short) are launching the Impact Term Sheet at the DLA Piper offices in Amsterdam.

GAIL has been proud to support LISI’s mission of making investments more impactful
for all those involved – parties and stakeholders alike.

Now, we are joining forces with LISI to help spread the word about Impact Term Sheet as an
instrument of change.

The Impact Term Sheet is an open-source template for equity investments contributing to fairer deals and long-term partnerships. It aims to anchor impact, safeguard mission and create mutually beneficial relationships between investors and companies, as well as other important stakeholders, like founders, employees, communities and nature.

The Impact Term Sheet is based on a survey regarding key clauses and questions in impact
investment deals. It was answered by more than a hundred professionals across the whole
investment value chain, including the GAIL community.

GAIL Members can log into their account to watch recordings of previous GAIL events discussing the evolution and use of the Impact Term Sheet:

Legal Toolkits for a Just Transition (September 2022)

GAIL Europe Presents: Reimagining Business, Anchoring Impact in Investment Term Sheets and The Position of Non-Profit Organisations in the EU (March 2022)

These topics will be covered at the Impact Term Sheet launch event:

● The co-creation journey: how to build meaningful relationships with like-minded peers
● Impact Term Sheet use-cases: how to integrate purpose and mission, impact metrics,
incentives and rewards into equity term sheets
● LISI’s ‘Triple A’ methodology: how to make approachable, accessible and appealing
investment documentation

We’ll be joining LISI at the launch of the Impact Term Sheet on 24th November invite the GAIL community to join, either in person or digitally. You can register to attend here: