By: GAIL Latin America

“Mapping the regulatory frameworks that enable the impact economy & ESG compliance in Latin America” is a project by the Global Alliance for Impact Lawyers (GAIL), which seeks to identify the existing regulations in Latin America,  related to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and the broader impact economy.

The project aims to generate a repository of information and an interactive tool that serves as an instrument that can be consulted by all actors in the impact economy.

Regulatory mappings are essential tools in the fields of law and business. Regulatory maps identify and analyse  the normative frameworks and regulations that affect a particular sector, industry or activity.

Through this initiative, the Latin American representatives of GAIL intend to contribute to the development of the impact economy with an instrument that consolidates the main regulations,  laws, and guidelines at the national level, and that affect companies, investors and other stakeholders in the management of risks and opportunities related to ESG issues and the impact economy. 

Regulations for this initiative have been classified based on their utilisation within the context of the impact economy in Latin America and compliance with global ESG standards. We have used a combination of approaches as a foundation for this project, including their practical application and use in each jurisdiction, as well as peer discussions. However, we acknowledge the complexity of establishing a common framework for the project, as the proposed  classification gives rise to various challenges, such as the diversity of definitions, diverse levels of implementation, and the constant evolution of international norms and standards. Various cultural, economic, and social factors specific to each of the surveyed countries are also considered.

A holistic approach is required to overcome the challenge of harmonising these differences to establish a starting point, which is essential for developing a clear and effective policy landscape. At GAIL, we recognise the evolutionary nature of these criteria and invite you to share  your perspectives. 


  • Impact Investment 
  • ESG Standards – Financial Regulations
  • Purpose-Driven Companies 
  • Promotion of Social Economy 
  • Taxonomies 
  • Circular Economy 
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
  • Climate Change 
  • Sustainable Procurement 
  • Payment for Results 
  • Legal Instruments

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