Call for nominations

Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers (GAIL) invites its members to submit nominations and self-nominations for open positions on the following GAIL Regional Boards:

  • GAIL Asia Pacific
  • GAIL Europe
  • GAIL Latin America
  • GAIL United Kingdom

GAIL North America will follow a separate process of board nominations as per its byelaws. GAIL North America members can find out more about this process and submit their nominations and self-nominations here.

Elections are an opportunity for GAIL’s members to be a part of GAIL’s governance and strategy; to co-create GAIL’s future and to shape the global impact law agenda. Regional board members have the opportunity to collaborate and work with with legal leaders that are shaping the impact law landscape in each GAIL region and globally. 

Open Positions

The positions open for nominations on each Regional Board are:

Regional Board Chair:

  • GAIL Asia Pacific: 1 open position
  • GAIL Europe: 1 open position
  • GAIL Latin America: 1 open position 
  • GAIL UK: 1 open position

Regional Board member: 

  • GAIL Asia Pacific: At least 5 and no more than 12 open positions
  • GAIL Europe: At least 5 and no more than 15 open positions
  • GAIL Latin America: At least 5 and no more than 12 open positions
  • GAIL UK: At least 5 and no more than 15 open positions

Roles & Responsibilities

GAIL’s Regional Board members oversee the regional activities and programmes of GAIL in each GAIL region as an integral part of GAIL. 

Regional Boards  serve as a bridge between GAIL and stakeholders located in each region and  promote GAIL’s ambitious agenda and strategy in the region in the way that best translates into the language(s), cultural context and interests of regional members. 

Regional board members have the opportunity to collaborate and work with with legal leaders that are shaping the impact law landscape in each GAIL region and globally. Regional Board member responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Furthering GAIL’s mission and vision of growing the next generation of impact lawyers who will advocate for and champion a rapid and just transition towards a truly sustainable and inclusive economy
  • Planning programmes of events relevant to the interests of GAIL members in the region
  • Building an engaged community of impact lawyers in each region
  • Sharing learnings that exist within our community widely to equip lawyers with the knowledge they need to take action, helping to highlight work that is capable of replication and multiplication and distributing insights and practical learnings effectively to enable lawyers in any part of the world to act on this knowledge
  • Collaborating and building relationships with regional partners where appropriate, such as regional networks and market actors, regional Governments and development agencies, supranational bodies and aligned partner organisations, among others
  • Attending approximately 4 – 6 Regional Board meetings per year, or more as may be needed 


  • Only persons registered as members in GAIL’s Register of Members (“Members”) by 1 December 2022 are entitled to nominate others, or to be nominated for an open position on one of GAIL’s Regional Boards. 
  • All GAIL members are eligible to nominate themselves or other GAIL members for a position on their Regional Board. 
  • Members may nominate themselves or another Member in their voting region.
  • Nominees for the position of Regional Board Chair must already have served at least one term on the relevant Regional Board.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations that a Member may make.
  • Members may only nominate themselves or others to the Regional Board in their own GAIL voting region and are not entitled to nominate themselves or other Members to a Regional Board for a different GAIL voting region.

    GAIL is committed to creating diverse Regional Boards and Members are encouraged to nominate candidates that would bring a diversity of perspectives onto GAIL’s Regional Boards and that are representative of the breadth of their region. 

Key dates

23 NovemberNominations open
1 December (midnight GMT)Nominations close
5 DecemberVoting Opens
9 December (midnight GMT)Voting Closes
13 December Results shared with candidates

Prerequisites to making nominations and voting

Prerequisites to making nominations and voting

You must be entered  in GAIL’s Register of Members by or before 1 December 2022 in order to be eligible to make nominations and vote in the elections. 

  • If you have an Individual GAIL membership, please ensure your membership is currently active. If so, you will be entered on GAIL’s Register of Members. 
  • If you’re a Corporate Member, please make sure your GAIL membership is currently active and you have updated your key contacts (if your membership type entitles you to key contacts). If you have not been listed as a key contact by your organisation/law firm, you may not currently be on GAIL’s Register of Members and so may not be eligible to stand for, and vote in, GAIL’s upcoming elections. Please ensure the key contacts for your law firm/organisation are updated prior to 1 December

If you have any questions about your membership status and/or your eligibility to participate in elections, please contact us

Nomination form & deadline

A nomination form was circulated to all registered GAIL Members at 10:30 AM GMT on 23 November 2022. GAIL Members should check their emails for a nominations form (please check your spam folders), or contact us if you believe you have not received a nomination form.

All nominations must be submitted by midnight GMT on 1 December 2022 (the nomination deadline).