The Legal Opportunities: Indicative Case Studies and Global Learnings

What is the GAIL Blended Finance Project?

A just transition to a sustainable and inclusive global economy requires a massive mobilisation of capital, however raising finance that is aligned and effective to meet these challenges is often difficult. In this context, ‘blended finance’ combines public, private, philanthropic and other types of catalytical capital, driven by different levels of risk but common impact objectives, with other resources, to enable to greatest level of positive impact. Legal structures provide the platform for blended finance to work. Legal systems define the landscape in which it must operate.

The GAIL Blended Finance Project is a global legal project being undertaken by the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers that aims to:

  • identify and map the legal and regulatory barriers to combining philanthropic, government and commercial funding to achieve positive impact; and
  • share lessons, learnings and legal case studies to support and enable the scaling of blended finance structures and instruments.

Why is GAIL undertaking this project?

The project is premised on two observations:

  • blended finance will be critical to achieving a just transition; and 
  • there are special legal learnings and issues that need to be identified, addressed and shared for blended finance to be effective for a just transition.

This project fits squarely within GAIL’s focus on leveraging the expertise of lawyers to accelerate the shift of corporate models and capital to make sure business is truly a sustainable force for good. Through its global network, GAIL is well positioned draw on the expertise of lawyers from across the world who have expertise in advising on blended finance structures, with a view to advancing the more effective use of blended finance for impact.

What are the key target outcomes?

  1. Preparing a legal research report to advance the effective use of blended finance in different regulatory contexts. 
  2. Providing a source of legal knowledge across jurisdictions and as a toolkit for lawyers setting up or advising on blended finance structures.
  3. Facilitating the collaborative exchange of information and lessons learned when structuring, designing and implementing blended finance instruments in different jurisdictions. 
  4. Promoting an effective, well-supported and streamlined legal framework for blended finance with consistent principles across jurisdictions. 

How can I participate?

The GAIL Blended Finance Working Group consists of over 30 lawyers from across 12 jurisdictions. We run regular working group meetings, where members share case studies, discuss ideas and work collaboratively to determine the shape of our research.

GAIL members are welcome to join the working group or to invite other collaborators to attend. Please contact us if you are a GAIL member and would like to be added to the working group or to recommend a collaborator that you would like to invite to the working group.

If you’re not currently a GAIL member, you can sign up for GAIL membership here.