GAIL B Lab Advocates are a group of lawyers across the globe that have committed to acting as a leading legal resource in their jurisdiction for B Lab Global. To bring the B Corp certification to more countries and states, GAIL And B Lab are together convening a group of lawyers to analyse local laws, adapt the B Lab legal requirement to the new local legal contexts and, where the B Corp certification is available, to develop resources to aid businesses through the certification process.

The GAIL B Lab Advocates Programme is open to GAIL members only.


Applicants to become a GAIL B Lab Advocate will be in legal practice, and have knowledge and experience of business law in their jurisdiction. Experience of how social enterprises or other purposeful businesses operate in the context of your local legal framework is an advantage. B Lab also prefers that you not be currently actively representing more than one client that is interested in certification, however all applicants to the programme will be considered even if you are currently representing B Corp clients.

If appointed as a GAIL B Lab Advocate and have provided pro bono support on two occasions or more, you will be able to list the role on your website, documents and social media. If you have worked in partnership with B Lab and GAIL to adapt the certification locally or to produce resources to support the existing certification, you will be able to include this in your credentials.


Advocates agree to act as a resource for clients considering the B Lab legal requirement on a referral basis, and are asked to consider offering at least two initial consultations on this matter pro or low bono. Your local understanding will assist organisations going through the B Lab certification process to communicate with their stakeholders and boards, and file their new articles, constitutional documents or equivalent with the relevant local business register as applicable in your jurisdiction.

In jurisdictions where the B Lab certification exists, GAIL B Lab Advocates may support the movement by developing resources regarding the legal test in their jurisdiction. Where B Lab is expanding into your jurisdiction, GAIL B Lab Advocates may aid in drafting the legal requirement in line with local business practices and laws.

As an Advocate, you understand you may be contacted by B Lab on a pro bono basis in relation to developing the local B Lab legal requirement or developing resources to sit alongside the existing B Lab legal requirement.

If you are a GAIL member and would like to register your interest in joining the programme, please log in to your GAIL account and complete the GAIL B Lab Advocates Programme Application Form in your Account Dashboard.

GAIL and B Lab Global together evaluate applicants to the GAIL B Lab Advocates Programme once per quarter and GAIL will be in touch following the next evaluation cycle.