Embracing Global Sustainable Corporate Governance

This GAIL webinar, “Embracing Global Sustainable Corporate Governance,” explores the forefront of sustainability-related regulations and their far-reaching impact beyond geographical borders.

Featuring Roberto Randazzo of Legance, an expert in ESG & Impact industry; Paola Fonseca, Legal Counsel for VIVA Idea Latin America, and Maria Laura Tinelli, the Director of Acrux Partners, this event focuses on how new EU ESG directives, effective from March 15, 2024, are setting a new global standard for corporate sustainability.

Learn about the EU’s pioneering role in establishing comprehensive ESG frameworks, including the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, and its extraterritorial influence, compelling companies worldwide to adopt sustainable practices not just to operate within the EU, but to maintain competitiveness on a global scale.

This concise session is tailored for business leaders and organizations aiming to navigate the evolving landscape of global ESG compliance, understand the extraterritorial reach of new regulations, and adapt their strategies to meet these global standards.

The event expands on perspectives shared in this article, illuminating the path for businesses navigating the complex terrain of global ESG implications in light of the European Union’s evolving and ambitious ESG legislative framework.

Event language: English

GAIL Annual Summit 2024

This event is a pre-cursor to the GAIL Annual Summit on 22-23 April in London, which covers topics including Innovations in Sustainable Finance Mechanisms, Strategic Insights on EU Sustainability Legislation for Global Corporate Counsel, and Extra-territorial Impacts of ESG Legislation on Supply Chains in the Global South.

View the Summit agenda and register to attend here.