22 April 2024

Practical Seminar

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23 April 2024

Legal Conference

Open to GAIL members & non-members

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A new economic paradigm is urgently needed to make a just transition to a decarbonised global economy and move towards an economic system that works for all stakeholders. In this context, lawyers have a crucial role to play in developing legal frameworks that underpin the new economy and prioritise people and the planet. To achieve a change in our wider systems, we will need unprecedented global collaboration to drive legal innovation and to rethink almost everything – including law, legal practice and the role of the lawyer.

In this new and evolving context, you are invited to join a global community of leading lawyers who recognise the urgency of our times. The GAIL Annual Summit will provide expert perspectives on key topics including impact investing, blended finance, climate change and the law, corporate governance, purposeful business, innovative legal structures, philanthropy, ESG and more. Across two days of immersive sessions, the Summit is structured to include curated networking, knowledge sharing on cutting-edge topics across impact disciplines, and the most recent market developments.

GAIL is building communities that are redefining the role of lawyers across the world. Together, we are a global movement that will redefine the role of law in building the new economy.

GAIL members will need to log in to their GAIL Account to access tickets for Day 1 of the Summit and to access member rates for the Legal Conference.


200+ delegates

30+ jurisdictions

50+ speakers

20+ sessions

“I could not believe my fortune when I found myself among a group of Impact Lawyers at the GAIL Annual Summit. First I listened, then I frantically typed notes, then I stopped and just stared. Sometimes I forget the power of the law to drive behavioural change. It was good to be reminded.”

– GAIL Annual Summit 2023 Participant

“So inspired to be here in London to meet and learn from so many others who are similarly embarking on a purposeful journey – devoting their careers, skills and passions in the confluence of law and finance for worldwide innovative projects of social and environmental impact.”

– GAIL Annual Summit 2023 Participant

London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
Houghton Street
London, WC2A 2AE

You can access the Google Maps link to the venue here.

22 APRIL 2024: The Practical Seminar will be held in LSE’s Centre Building (CBG), a 7 minute walk from Temple Station and a 9 minute walk from Holborn Station. You can access the Google Maps link to the Centre Building here.

23 APRIL 2024: The Legal Conference will be held in the Cheng Kin Ku Building (CKK), a 5 minute walk from Holborn Station and a 10 minute walk from Temple Station. You can access the Google Maps link to the Cheng Kin Ku Building here.


LSE is easily reached on public transport. You can access detailed information on travelling to the LSE by Tube/Underground, National Rail, bus, by cycle, or by car through this link.

If you are disabled,  please see the guide to services and rights: Transport if you’re disabled.


GAIL has teamed up with Goodwings to help offset the travel emissions from your attendance at the GAIL Annual Summit.

Goodwings is a hotel booking platform that helps businesses reduce their travel emissions through verified climate solutions including biofuel (SAF) and reforestation projects. It also gives you access to a dashboard with all your travel emissions data in one place and a convenient way to download your data for ESG reporting.

For the GAIL Annual Summit in London, Goodwings is giving you the chance to  try out the platform for free and offset your emissions to and from the summit at no extra cost. 

Check out the hotels near the summit venue and start booking!