For organisations who want to help the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers catalyse emerging, alternative economic paradigms which place people and planet alongside profit.   Organisation with in-house lawyers £300 – £3,500/year   Organisation without in-house lawyers £130 – £650/year 

Price adjustments

Prices listed are baseline prices (100%). Price adjustments will be made by country based on market size classification. Price adjustments: Developed 100%, Emerging 70%, Frontier 50%, Micro 40%. Please check your country classification to determine your membership fee. If you are eligible for a reduced membership fee, you can apply the appropriate discount code when you checkout on the following page.

  • Multiple voting memberships determined by the number of lawyers or FTE
  • Designate employees as individual members of GAIL
  • Corporate profiles featured on the GAIL platform, alongside their impact practice
  • Individual profiles alongside credentials
  • Right to use GAIL logo
  • Complimentary passes and additional discounts for GAIL regional and global events
  • Contribute content for GAIL insights and communications
  • Suggest topics for global and regional GAIL events
  • Receive updates on news, events and legal developments
  • Support, share and collaborate with each other to multiply the impact of our community
  • Gain access to GAIL conversation platform
  • Networking opportunities to learn and share knowledge amongst community